Then first step, when you ready is to sign up for an exam, local or remote is to check If you don’t find a local exam, then look into the remote exams. The advantage of remote is it will fit into your schedule and no driving! Find the exam on and follow the link provided to pay. This link for payment will also work, Payment by Square.


As you register for your exam at, NEW applicants will apply for and immediately receive an FCC FRN. This is a required number on your application for your new license. This number replaces your Social Security number on the application document.Current license holders have a Call Sign associated with their existing FRN.

Preparing your test area for a remote exam:

Please remove/turn around, and cover additional screens or monitors within your field of view. A simple sweatshirt or bath towel works great for covering screens. During your exam, please concentrate on your own exam, not allowing your vision or gaze to drift away from your own testing screen.

Fun Fact: A very handy place to test uninterrupted is actually a bathroom! A smaller area, with minimal electronic distractions that works nicely for your exam environment.

Please test your camera and microphone before signing into Zoom.

Please have your State Issued Photo ID ready and available to display to your exam team. Some webcams have difficulty focusing, so be prepared to email/text a picture of it to your team. We will never retain your ID, and it’s deleted immediately.

It is recommended that you navigate to and install the desktop client. Under the ‘Resources’ tab, please download and install Zoom to your device and test run this application to ensure that your software functions. Disable any blurring or virtual background you might have applied to your video.

Want to test your Zoom out? Reach out to me so we can test it together!

The test is a simple web page that you can scroll, answering with a mouse or ABCD.

To ensure exam integrity, all non-essential running applications must be closed. These are not limited to Mail, Messaging, Alerts, Teams, Teamviewer, Discord, Steam, VNC, Remote Desktops, etc.

Your team will examine with you, your device for the presence of these running apps. Kindly follow their brief instructional queries as they help you prepare your computer.

Only a Browser with single tab open, Zoom and a Calculator may be active.

Be sure to take a breath and relax before you start the exam.