The FCC now requires a $35.00 fee for new amateur radio Licenses, renewals, and vanity call signs. There is no fee for upgrades.

  • You do not need to wait for an email from the FCC to pay your fee. You can login to the FCC CORES site to pay your fee without receiving an email. Some people report they have never received the FCC email about paying fees. K2SAB sessions are processed by ARRL/W5YI the first thing in the morning on the next business day. After you pass your license exam, you can login and check to see if fees are due without waiting for the FCC email. For more information, please refer to Payment Process – ULS Individual Filers.
  • Important: The FCC has put out a notice that the CORES site is not compatible with phones or tablets. This means you need to use a desktop or laptop computer to pay the FCC application fee.
  • Important: Do not make any changes to a pending application. If you make a payment and then decide to change, for example, something in their name but the application has not granted yet, it will never grant and your payment is “lost”. The application will have to be withdrawn and resubmitted and a new fee will be required. You can not make any changes to a pending application.